Due to the PG&E power outage, there may a delay receiving and responding to emails. There will also be a delay in our reporting turnaround time. Caltest’s main landline is also down. For any immediate needs during the power outage, please contact your project manager directly at the mobile numbers below and email the client services group, pmgr@caltestlabs.com, to ensure the quickest response.

Caltest is continuing to perform critical short holding time analyses during the power outage and is receiving and refrigerating all other samples until power has been fully restored.

Thank you for your understanding and patience!

Check back here for more updates

Project manager mobile numbers:

Todd Albertson: 707/333-1615
Sonya Allahyari: 707/688-4061
Carol Battaglia: 707/280-9278
Melinda Kelley: 707/333-1626
Holly Long: 415/320-4244
Sandralyn Luna: 707/319-1943
Greg Martindale: 707/721-6154

Thank you for your patience during this time!

Caltest Analytical Laboratory