Contracting Information & Accreditations

Caltest is a California and Federal Certified Small Business Enterprise.

Company Insurance provisions include comprehensive liability and Errors and Omissions coverage.

A Health and Safety Program is in place and complies with the Federal Chemical Hygiene Plan requirements and the OSHA 2000 log requirements.

Caltest is incorporated in the State of California as: Vitisystems Inc., dba Caltest Analytical Laboratory.


(CA-ELAP) State of California Environmental Laboratory accreditation for hazardous waste, drinking water and wastewater. (Certification 1664) Download PDF

(ORELAP) (TNI) National Environmental Laboratory accreditation for solid waste and non-potable water testing through the State of Oregon. (Certification 4036) Download PDF

(EPA) Environmental Protection Agency’s water supply (WS), water pollution (WP), and soil/hazardous waste (SHW) proficiency testing (PT) programs for drinking water, wastewater, sediment, soil and hazardous waste.

U.S. Department of Energy audited and approved as part of the Integrated Contractor Purchasing Team (ICPT).