Caltest Analytical Services

Since 1982, Caltest has led the way in NPDES compliance testing and the analysis of wastewater, surface water, stormwater and sediment using EPA methods optimized for low levels of reporting. Our ‘Clean’ sample handling means lower background and therefore lower reported values in your sample.

Delivering high-quality, customer-focused and responsive service to clients throughout California, our model is to provide the trust, transparency, integrity and personal touch that you would expect from your own in-house lab.

Caltest is NELAP Accredited, DOE Audited, State of CA ELAP Certified

Analyzing and supplying accurate data to our customers is our single-minded focus. Caltest is one of the few companies that have extensive experience meeting the minimum levels of the California Toxics Rule and State Implementation Plan. Caltest is your best choice in the current environment of mandatory fines in the event of non-conformity with NPDES compliance analyses.

As a full-service lab, we can manage your project, regardless of the scope or complexity, by providing the analytical services below. To streamline your project, we also contract with a suite of exceptional partner labs for analyses we don’t perform in-house.