Standard Chain of Custody Forms 
Chain of Custody (PDF Format) (pdf/51K)
Chain of Custody (Excel Format) (xls/220K)

Drinking Water (P/A) Coliform Chain of Custody Forms
Single Coliform (includes sampling instructions) (pdf/897K)
Multiple Coliform (pdf/105K)

Container Reference Chart (Bottle/Preservative/Holdtime/Volume)  
Caltest Ref Chart (pdf/161K)

Caltest Credit Application for NET30 Terms 
Caltest Credit Application for NET30 Terms(pdf/55K)

Laboratory Certification
ELAP expires 11.30.19 (pdf/8980K)
NELAP-ORELAP Certificate and FOTs_Expires 02-04-20(pdf/923K)

Homeowner Package Information 
Homeowner’s info sheet for Website (pdf/145K)

Container Request Forms 
Container Request_Excel_version
Container Request_pdf_version

Schedule of Services 
Click below to view our Schedule of Services, please email for a project-specific quote.
Caltest Schedule of Services 2019 (pdf/4.59MB)