Caltest Lab – Excelling in Low-Level Water Analysis, Specializing in NPDES Compliance and Priority Pollutant Testing

Caltest excels in analysis of water at low levels. We provide analysis of wastewater, surface water and groundwater by EPA methods optimized for low levels of reporting. Our ‘Clean’ sample handling means lower background and therefore lower reported values in your sample. Focused on water monitoring projects, Caltest has been consistently providing high quality customer focused, responsive service under the same ownership since 1982. Click here to download an Overview of our Services.

Caltest is NELAP Accredited, DOE Audited, State of CA ELAP Certified

Analyzing and supplying accurate data to our customers is our single minded focus. Caltest is one of the few companies that have extensive experience meeting the minimum levels of the California Toxics Rule and State Implementation Plan. Caltest is your best choice in the current environment of mandatory fines in the event of non-conformity with NPDES compliance analyses.

Analytical Services

Priority Pollutants/ NPDES Wastewater

Priority Polu

Caltest is the lab most specialized in analyses of Priority Pollutants in wastewater in California. Low-Level…

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Stormwater Monitoring Analyses is required by the EPA and State regulators. Rainwater under regulation is sometimes referred to as run-off..

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Pyrethroids, Fipronil and other Pesticides


Pyrethroid Pesticide Analysis by Negative Chemical Ionization Gas Chromatography with Mass Spectrometer…

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Nutrient Analyses


Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and Suspended Sediment Concentration (SSC) both measure the solid-phase …

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Trace Metals, Mercury and Methyl Mercury


Caltest has significant experience as a commercial laboratory providing trace mercury analyses. In 1991 Caltest was one of …

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Drinking Water & Well Owners


Caltest excels at analyses of low levels of pollutants in groundwaters. Our staff leaders …

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We’ve Refined Operations to Optimize Your Monitoring Data

Refined Operations ImgCaltest is highly responsive to the needs of wastewater treatment professionals, groundwater monitoring scientists and those studying pollutants in the water environment.  The data we provide is optimized by the most up-to-date processes we follow:

  • Volatile air system is carbon filtered

  • Metal analyses by ICPMS and Ultra Trace Mercury in Class 100 HEPA filtered air environment

  • Ultra Trace Level Mercury analyses with calibration down to 0.0005 ug/L

  • Methyl Mercury analyses with calibration down to 0.05 ng/L

  • Pyrethroid Pesticides analyses with calibration down to 0.5 ng/L

  • Electronic Reporting of Data (PDF and/or Excel formats)

  • ICPMS with collision cell & reaction cell

  • Cyanide low level analysis

  • Pesticides @ low levels confirmed by mass spec.

Our Low Level Compliance Analyses together with our service-oriented focus adds up to High Value Analytical Services.

Caltest provides NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) compliance testing & analysis of wastewater, surface waters, storm water, pyrethroid pesticides, and methyl mercury analysis by EPA methods optimized for low levels of reporting.